Nikolay Roussev's The Door - Apocalypse

"The Door - Apocalypse" is a mobile artistic panel. It consists of three basic modulus /wings/ and the inplanted in there twelve canvases, after the leading idea "Revelation of Joan" /Bible/. The wings could be opend and closed and change the composition of canvases into different forms and content.

Closed possition of the panel /closed wings/. Size 250x140 cm/ 98x 59 inches/. Using that position of the construction, it is possible to see a front /face/ part and a back part of the Door.

Front part of the panel: It involves seven paintings after the major team. They are situated in four horizontal lines, in perspective in, above and under the real watching horizon. The vertical part of the composition is constructed as to form two other compositions- two semi crosses. They express the dualism of Positive and Negative. Divers perspective is used in some of the paintings in order to create the subjective feeling to the spectator of being involved in the act.

Back part of the panel: One painting is prolonged over the right part of the panel. It creates a composition with the other canvases following the movement of opening and closing the Door. The positive vertical cross is at the front part, after the full opening of the Door.

Opened position of the panel /opened wings/. Size 250 x 350 cm/ 98 x 137 inches/. A two-side composition is formed. It could be watched from any kind of an angle- wherever you choose to watch it from the horizontal 360 circle area.

Motives and mediations:Donatello, Ghiberti's The Gates of Paradise, Michelangelo, Van Eyck's "The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb" altar, Vrubel, orthodoxy Icons.

Aim: To create an artistic panel with the possibility to be watched by different sides and angels and the possibility to change the compositions itself, by moving the wings. Classical techniques of painting are used- distemper, acril, oil paints.

Idea: The eternal fight between the Evil and the Good.

Creating period: Drafts and projects - 1996-1997 year. Realization - 1997-1998 year.

Nikolay Roussev - fine art
Opened position of the panel
Nikolay Roussev - fine art
Front part of the panel
closed wings
Nikolay Roussev - fine art
Back part of the panel
closed wings